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Catch up on our Family Hubs webinar!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

On 22nd July we hosted a webinar with the Family Hubs Network exploring the family hub model of integrated local public services.

Watch a recording of the webinar! (1h 30)

Download a Q&A from the webinar here.

About Family Hubs

Family Hubs are an emerging ultra-localised way of delivering public services, which brings together public service professionals and communities to provide support to those who need it the most. The response to the COVID-19 crisis has shown how powerful this type of integrated working can be.

Equipped with the right data and permission to work differently, this early help model can: facilitate support targeted at those at risk and who are costing the system the most; improve lives by preventing unnecessary referrals to statutory services; support people back into work – which will be a particularly acute problem as we recover from Covid-19; and improve the experience of professionals who are able to do more faster to help families.

Our speakers

Doncaster Council has 10 years of experience of the Family Hub model with 12 Family Hubs in the area, and a particular focus on measuring outcomes.

Essex County Council has implemented an innovative Family Hub model with ‘early help front doors’ in high footfall venues (such as the local library), with a real emphasis on developing a healthy system.

The webinar was Chaired by Lord Farmer, founder of the Family Hubs Network and Andrew Laird, Managing Director at Mutual Ventures.


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