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Areas we work in

Children's services

Children Embracing in Circle

Place-based strategy

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Health and integrated care


Local and community services

Treasury Building London

Central government

Our capabilities


Solving complex public service problems

This is at the core of what we do. We don’t tinker around the edges fixing the easy stuff. Our goal is to find lasting solutions to complex, knotty problems whether those are at a policy, organisational or service level.


System and service level strategic planning

We work with central government departments on policy implementation, councils to develop local strategies, and NHS providers to explore partnership arrangements to support health and social care integration.


Design and innovation


We manage and support national programmes that fund the design and local implementation of new and innovative ways of working.


Implementation of new models


We are leaders in the design and implementation of new delivery models for public services. Our track record of success includes the Government’s Mutual Support programme and our work to transfer failing children’s services to a trust model.


Acting as the 'bridge' between central government policy and local delivery


We have a clear understanding of both central government policy development and local services, and are experts at working to build connections between them to achieve real results.


Working in partnership


We do much of our best work in partnership. We have a reputation for working with our partners and clients in a human, relationship-focused way. We prefer genuinely integrated teams and working in an open and transparent way.

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