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We are passionate about better, more sustainable public services

Our approach is based on our knowledge and commitment to public services whether delivered within the public sector or independently. We work across all areas including children’s services, health and adult social care, culture services and more.

We understand that every client faces their own challenges. Our team bring a ‘can do’ spirit and will work in partnership with you to find a solution that fits.

We work throughout the UK, with offices in London, Bristol and Cardiff

Latest News

Time for towns to grab their own reins

MV’s Jamie McMahon reflects on his experience of East Midlands towns and how communities across the UK have the chance to seize the initiative and shape their own futures. “Welcome to [insert name here]” reads the road sign of a typical Midlands coalfield town. The kind of town that has a train station served once…

In praise of local government

Maligning local government will get us nowhere, even if it is our democratic right to do so. This is a letter of appreciation to perhaps the most taken-for-granted of all British institutions. Often maligned and little-understood, they touch a large part of all of our lives. They do as much as any to make where…

Becoming trauma-informed – a recommendation for the future of the Troubled Families Programme

MV’s Ed Stroud argues that new government investment in Family Hubs presents an opportunity to improve outcomes by adopting a trauma-informed model of care. Trauma-informed models of care have a history of improving outcomes while reducing cost. Although not the norm for UK public services there is a clear demand for this kind of approach…

Primary Care at scale isn’t just about size – it is about the ‘right’ size

John Copps looks at what it means to provide primary care services ‘at scale’ and the implications for the existing landscape of organisations. ‘Primary care at scale’ is a phrase that has crept into NHS management jargon over the last decade in response to a system under pressure. Burgeoning patient demand, squeezed budgets and an…