Mutual Ventures

Mutual Ventures works throughout the UK to transform public services and improve their sustainability.

Our approach is based on our knowledge and commitment to public services and a ‘can do’ spirit. We understand that every client faces their own challenges and that every service is unique and as such our team will work in partnership with you to find a solution that fits.

We work across all sectors including children’s services, adult social care, health and also support local services in the community.

COVID-19 has shaken the UK’s citizens, communities and economy. We are on hand to help local authorities lead their local plan for recovery so that people and places can come back stronger.

Latest News

The rapid digitisation of public services in response to COVID-19 needs to be looked at with a critical eye

Jordan Binedell welcomes the rapid adoption of technology in public services but argues that we need to give priority to ensuring those services continue to retain public trust and confidence. In our recent webinar on recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, Damien Allen, Chief Executive of Doncaster Council, argued that ‘it is on the edge of…

Giving children in care the best start in life means tackling prejudice head on

Lily Mellen argues that children in care from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds should be given the support they need, and that means challenging prejudice. October marked Black History Month in the UK, as it has done for the last 30 years. It also hosts National Adoption Week, an annual occurrence with campaigns and…

Front-line autonomy in public services is vital to keep pace with COVID-19

Michael Wyatt argues that public sector leaders have a responsibility to empower front-line staff to make decisions to best cope with the rapidly changing context COVID-19 presents. COVID-19 has triggered an unprecedented need for public sector organisations to alter service delivery to ensure communities’ health and social care needs are met. Such extreme adaptation has…

To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, we must take the time to understand how local authorities work and the critical role they play

Alissa Davies reflects on a decade working with local government, and why it is uniquely placed to lead us through the current and future crises. This month marks ten years since I started my first job working for a local authority. Having worked for and with local authorities ever since, I’ve been reflecting on what…