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*** Our best wishes go to all public service organisations and volunteers responding to the COVID-19 emergency ***

We are passionate about better, more sustainable public services

Our approach is based on our knowledge and commitment to public services whether delivered within the public sector or independently. We work across all areas including children’s services, health and adult social care, culture services and more.

We understand that every client faces their own challenges. Our team bring a ‘can do’ spirit and will work in partnership with you to find a solution that fits.

We work throughout the UK, with our head office in London.

Latest News

COVID-19 – Community ownership should play a key role in local recovery

COVID-19 has rocked local public services and communities to their core. Writing in the MJ, Andrew Laird sets out how there is now an opportunity to change how local areas are organised. Councils, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector have responded by moving faster in two months than in the last decade. They…

Local authorities can make mutual aid a positive legacy of COVID-19

MV’s new report argues says that councils can encourage and promote the work of mutual aid groups to create more resilient neighbourhoods for the long term – download here. In response to COVID-19, there has been an upsurge in ordinary people wanting to do something to contribute in their neighbourhoods. This has included the creation…

After Covid-19, public services must be powered by people

Jamie McMahon argues that we must use the Covid-19 crisis to build public services powered by people, and not just return to business as usual. If there is one silver-lining to the tragedy of the Covid-19 emergency, it is the collective understanding and recognition of the importance of public services. For so many, the opportunity…

Three truths about public services laid bare by Covid-19

At times of crisis, we find out what we are made of. Over the last six weeks, we have learnt that our country and our economy is built around public services. It is thanks to care assistants, nurses, bin men, doctors, paramedics, bus drivers and social workers, alongside supermarket staff, delivery drivers and worker in…