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We are passionate about better, more sustainable public services

Our approach is based on our knowledge and commitment to public services whether delivered within the public sector or independently. We work across all areas including children’s services, health and adult social care, culture services and more.

We understand that every client faces their own challenges. Our team bring a ‘can do’ spirit and will work in partnership with you to find a solution that fits.

We work throughout the UK, with offices in London, Bristol and Cardiff

Latest News

Primary Care at scale isn’t just about size – it is about the ‘right’ size

John Copps looks at what it means to provide primary care services ‘at scale’ and the implications for the existing landscape of organisations. ‘Primary care at scale’ is a phrase that has crept into NHS management jargon over the last decade in response to a system under pressure. Burgeoning patient demand, squeezed budgets and an…

Family Hubs – a manifesto promise that could be the future of public services

The following article was published on the MJ website on the 6th January: During the election campaign, the focus was on Brexit and spending on public services. Now that the election is over and the Conservative Party has won a majority, we need to look at the next level of detail in the manifesto and…

Crossing the divide between children and adult services – the principles of a good transition

MV’s Emmet Regan and and Michael Wyatt argue that local authority children and adult services need to have a unified view of the transition from children’s to adults services For a young person turning 18, the world becomes a different place, a time when thought is given to new educational opportunities, employment or travel. For…

Primary Care Networks pose new questions for General Practice, but the GP partnership model faces bigger challenges from within the profession

John Copps looks at the impact of the re-organisation of primary care on GP partnerships and how they will have to change. This article was prompted by a round table event on Primary Care Networks held by Mutual Ventures at the end of November. Thank you to the participants for their contributions to the discussion….