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Caring Child

Local and community services

Public services are part of what makes a place. Libraries, leisure centres, museums, parks, local events, youth services and a whole other range of services are vital to community well-being, and supporting vulnerable people.

Leaders face a host of pressures to maintaining and improving these services, and ensuring they are sustainable.

We support a local authorities and third sector organisations to become fit for the future, whilst remaining connected to their communities. We offer full service design and implementation, as well a shorter, flexible packages of support.

Our services for local authorities:

Determining the current and future need for the service

Defining the service’s future function and the ‘right’ model for services

Delivering a clear road-map for the future

Our services for third sector organisations:

Strategy, governance and performance reviews

Business planning and financial health checks

Facilitating merger to enhance and protect services

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To find out more about how we could help you get in touch with MV Assistant Director John Copps.


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