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MV welcomes publication of the second issue of the Strengthening Families Learning Journal

Strengthening Families, Protecting Children (SFPC) is a five-year Department for Education (DfE) programme to support local authorities to improve their work with families and safely reduce the number of children entering care by implementing successful three sector-designed innovations – Leeds Family Valued, North Yorkshire No Wrong Door, and Hertfordshire Family Safeguarding.

Mutual Ventures, Innovation Unit and Social Care Institute for Excellence, are the support partners for the Programme. Mutual Ventures and Innovation Unit provide coaching support to the local authorities leading the innovations and adopting the innovations, as well as technical support and ownership of learning.

The Strengthening Families Learning Journal shares learning from the Programme, focusing on the changes to systems and practice taking place in local authorities across England, where teams are adopting Family Valued, No Wrong Door or Family Safeguarding.

The Strengthening Families Journal is intended for people working in, and in partnership with, children’s social care. Directors and service managers and frontline practitioners, along with partners from education, health, housing, police and adult services, will all find articles relevant to their work. In fact, anyone interested in the role innovation has to play in improving children’s lives will find something of interest.

This issue of the Strengthening Families Learning Journal looks at how these new models are changing the way practitioners in the children’s social care workforce do their work and the conditions in which they are working.

The Journal include articles discussing how training provided by Innovators is helping to build practitioners’ confidence; how coaching and core practices like relational working and motivational interviewing are changing cultures, and how multi-agency teams are working together to share risk and create new opportunities for staff as well as children and families.

Sign up to receive a copy of the Strengthening Families Journal at SCIE's website here.

We welcome your feedback on the journal so we can ensure the series adds as much value as possible. Comments can be submitted here.


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