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Planning your COVID-19 recovery strategy

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Our support offer to help local authorities to lead their local plan for recovery

COVID-19 has shaken the UK’s citizens, communities and economy. As the peak of the crisis passes, now is the time to think about what comes next.

It is vital that local authorities have a clear plan to lead the recovery so that people and places can come back stronger.

Mutual Ventures can help you develop and implement a recovery plan with the ambition and imagination to create lasting change in your local area. Local authorities have an opportunity to reshape themselves around people and communities like never before.

We understand that recovery will mean different things in different places. Public services will find themselves under strain with a backlog of cases, strains on the workforce and financial pressures. A well-planned recovery that involves and engages all local people and partners will be essential.

Our support will help you develop a phased roadmap for recovery, including:

  • Lifting the lock-down – supporting communities to emerge from lockdown safely

  • Living with COVID-19 – resetting public services and implementing the ‘new normal’

  • Long-term renewal – building sustainable communities for the long-term

To learn more about our approach, you can download more details of our offer.

Download PDF • 890KB

To speak with us about how we can help you, contact


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