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Register for our webinar: Integration in children’s services – how to build effective partnerships

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Providing the support that vulnerable children so desperately need right now requires agencies working together. But how can children’s services like yours make sure they are working effectively with partners in local government, the NHS, and wider community?

Creating an integrated system has been a goal for many years, but the pandemic has accelerated the need to act as struggling families are hit hardest.

This webinar brings together experts from local government and the NHS to discuss how you can build integrated services in your area that gives children the best care in a cost efficient way.

The webinar will take an in depth look at topics including:

  1. The challenges Covid-19 has presented and how it has highlighted the dangers of a disjointed approach.

  2. Where the opportunities to integrate are and how to overcome barriers so families get the service that’s right for them.

  3. And real life examples of success and the positive impact they have had, including the Stockport Family model and West Sussex’s Mental Health Support Teams in schools.

Our speakers

  1. Jack Cordery, Children’s Social Care advisor and former Service Director at Cornwall Council

  2. Deborah Woodcock, Director of Operations Stockport Family and Principal Social Worker at Stockport Council

  3. Maura Appleby, Stockport Family lead at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

  4. Aaron Gain, commissioning lead at West Sussex County Council and NHS West Sussex CCG

The session will be chaired by John Copps from Mutual Ventures

If you are a leader or commissioner in a local authority children’s service or the NHS, it’s well worth joining us.

To register for the webinar click here.


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