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Radical Reformers ep.7: Julie Taylor, Chief Executive, Thomas Deacon Education Trust

On this episode, I speak to Julie Taylor who is the Chief Executive of the Thomas Deacon Education Trust. This was such an interesting interview which provided real insight into the challenges of running a family of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We cover everything from the rapid transition to remote/digital teaching to making sure that children (and their families) were getting well fed at home, which included having teachers out delivering food parcels.

We also discuss Julie’s thoughts on a more flexible model of schooling, which includes: finding the right mix of in person/ digital teaching; the time of day children of different ages are better ready to learn; and also the use of the school building itself – can it become more of a community hub?

This all comes down to the role of schools. Julie’s view is that they need to be about more than just exams, exams, exams…


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