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Radical Reformers ep.57: The heart and soul of healthcare reform with Marian Ridley

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Marian Ridley, Former Chief Exec Evelina London Women's and Children's Healthcare

This episode is a wide ranging and captivating conversation with Marian Ridley, the former Chief Executive of Evelina London Women’s & Children’s Healthcare. Marian is a thoughtful and quietly inspiring leader and there are a lot of more generally applicable thoughts and ideas which emerge from this episode.

We talk about the changing health needs of the UK population since the NHS was founded and how this is challenging the NHS model. We also discussed the balance between management and clinical delivery within the NHS and how perceived wisdom of there being “too much management” is wrong.

Marian has some insightful thoughts on the role of place leads in the new ICS model, their role as conveners and the ability of local leaders to make their own prioritisation decisions regarding health and care activity. Local place leads are often council chief executives who should be well placed to appreciate and influence the wider determinants of health and the full range of available local assets. We also got into the ability of NHS organisations to become more effective local anchor institutions.

Finally, we discuss the critically important but often heart-breaking job of caring for seriously ill children and the difficult decisions which professionals and families have to make.


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