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Radical Reformers ep.43: Julian McCrae

Julian McCrae, Director, Engage Britain

This episode is with Julian McCrae from Engage Britain, a leading public engagement charity.

Public opinion and attitudes are important when it comes to public services. That doesn’t mean services should give the public everything they think they want but there is no doubt services are trying to become more “customer centric”.

Julian and I discuss the public attitude to public services. The Chancellor has promised us Scandinavian quality and Singaporean efficiency in our public services - that seems a tough one to achieve so I ask Julian what people actually expect from the state?

Public opinion on health care is a particular specialism of Julian’s and we get into some detail on attitudes towards health services and in particular how the health system interacts with individuals – is it working?

Finally, we talk about how to engage and connect people with public service reform. How do you get people interested in areas which they don’t immediately see as relevant to them?


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