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Radical Reformers ep.41: Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw, Local Government thinker, researcher and commentator

This episode is with Jack Shaw, a local government researcher and academic associated with the IPPR think tank and the Bennet Institute for Public Policy. If you are on social media and interested in local government, the chances are you are a follower of Jacks as he produces invaluable research and insight.

We are recording a week after the Autumn budget - so we discuss the impact the Chancellor’s decisions will have on councils and local services. We particularly focus on the levelling up agenda and the various funds associate with that. We ask ourselves if “levelling up” is still a priority for this government and discuss potential future models for local growth funding

Jack and I also talk about devolution, the patchwork of local government systems that exist across England and public service reform more generally. It’s a fascinating discussion for those of you interested in local public services.


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