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Radical Reformers ep.4: Alison Reid, Chief Executive, Community Dental Services

On this episode I speak to Alison Reid, the Chief Executive of Community Dental Services, which is a Community Interest Company based in Bedfordshire but in operation across the nation.

Firstly, if you thought dental services had almost entirely shut down during the Covid-19 period - then you would be wrong! Community dentistry, which is a referral only service providing for the most vulnerable was still very much in action and had to adapt at breakneck speed.

In this discussion Alison gives us a first had account of how a front-line health service has responded to the crisis and we take a deep dive in the leadership approach and culture at CDS. We also talk about how a specialist service like community dentistry finds its place in the new world of integrated care.

And… if you have ever wondered what it is like delivering dentistry services in a prison – then you will find out.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Alison as much as I did.


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