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Radical Reformers ep. 33: Nick Temple, Chief Executive, Social Impact Business

This episode is with Nick Temple, the Chief Executive of the Social investment Business. I haven’t had anyone from the social investment space on the podcast – so I thought it was high time I did!

Social Investment can play a big enabling role in public services and there are some important new ideas in the Levelling Up White Paper e.g. around allowing the use of government pension funds for impact investing - so we all need to have an understanding.

As well as a general discussion about the work of the Social Investment Business and the state of the social investment sector, we talk about how social investment can be structured (social investment can unlock other funding) and I ask what exactly a Social Impact Bond is and how can it support the delivery of public services.

I am particularly interested in how we can encourage radical ideas in public services, so Nick and I get into some detail on how social investors can support new ideas and the role of government in encouraging (and funding) the early stages of the innovation journey.

NB - In the pod, Nick mentions that one of their investors is a social enterprise - its Fusion21 ( and they do a lot of interesting stuff.


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