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Radical Reformers ep.27: Henry Kippin, Chief Executive, North of Tyne MCA

This episode is with Henry Kippin. Those of you who follow public service reform closely will know exactly who Henry is. He is the Managing Director of the North of Tyne Combined Authority having previously held a senior public service reform role in the West Midlands. Henry is one of the few people who has held senior roles at two different Combined Authorities.

As you can imagine, we have a wide-ranging conversation including: the purpose of combined authorities and how it shouldn’t just be another layer of government doing “stuff”; scale versus community led action and what the best way to achieve this is; and we also talk about what levelling up should really mean and who should be involved.

Henry also explains the concept of having a “fox’s nose” and the importance of looking ahead and anticipating what is coming round the corner.

I hope you enjoy it!


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