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Radical Reformers ep.2: Trevor Doughty, Director of Children's Services, Cornwall

Trevor Doughty is an extremely experienced and accomplished children’s services leader. He is currently the Director of children’s sector-led improvement at the Local Government Association. Before that Trevor was the Director of Childrens Services in Cornwall where he led the service from an OFSTED rating of Inadequate to Outstanding before retiring at the end of 2019.

We discuss the need for a strong set of core values to draw on when making tough decisions and Trevor is very honest and candid about what has worked and what hasn’t worked throughout his career. Every successful career has ups and downs!

We also talk about building the right team around you and what it’s like as a Director of Children’s Services when OFSTED arrive at the door.

There are a wide range of important leadership lessons which can be drawn from this conversation regardless of the sector you work in.


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