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Radical Reformers ep.14: Rachel Law, Chief Executive, PossAbilities CIC

This week’s episode is with Rachel Law, Chief Executive of PossAbilities, a Rochdale based social enterprise delivering adult social care services.

Rachel is an amazingly inspiring person who manages to combine authentic leadership instincts and behaviours with management skills and an eye for detail, which is pretty rare!

Rachel led the PossAbilities team as they “spun out” of Rochdale Council seven years ago and we discuss the reasons why they did this and the impact this has had on staff and the people who use their services.

Adult social care has been hit hard by Covid-19 and PossAbilities is no exception. Rachel describes how the service has responded and the changes she and her leadership team have had to make.

PossAbilities has grown impressively (by 200%) since it launched seven years ago and we talk about how that growth has happened and how the organisation is diversifying into investing in supported living accommodation.

Finally, the culture and sense of happiness at PossAbilities is really something to behold - so we try to unpick the key elements which make it such an inspiring place to be.


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