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Radical Reformers ep.13: John O'Brien, Chief Executive, London Councils

This episode is with John O’Brien, Chief Executive of London Councils, the “umbrella” organisation for the London Boroughs.

John explains how the different bodies in London (such as the Mayor, the GLA and individual councils) work with each other and with central government. He has worked with both Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan and explains the different styles and ways of working of those administrations.

We also discuss how Covid-19 has impacted London and also what recovery and “levelling up” means for London. London is not set to benefit hugely from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund so we discuss the nuances of inequality and how it’s important to consider relative well-being when considering what a London lived-experience is.

Finally, we talk about the importance of peer-to-peer support and the importance of sharing learning and making time for self reflection, especially in times of crisis.


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