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Why you should listen to the Radical Reformers podcast

Andrew Laird, Managing Director of Mutual Ventures, explains why he set up the Radical Reformers podcast (and why you should listen!)

Every day I get to work with colleagues and public service leaders who share my passion for public services.

I’ve also always loved podcasts. You can listen to a podcast anywhere. They are completely accessible in a way that the written word or video content isn’t.

So combining these things, I came up with the idea of starting a podcast that showcases the best public service reform and innovation and the inspirational leaders delivering it.

Public service leaders are not prone to shouting about their achievements. They are the unsung heroes who protect us, look after the most vulnerable and provide the foundation for enterprise and jobs.

However, if they don’t share their experiences and stories of success and failure then others can’t learn and benefit.

Through the Radical Reformers podcast I want to give inspirational public service leaders a platform to tell their stories of achieving great and difficult things.

Each interview will give you ideas and inspiration and also practical advice on how to implement the reforms and innovations being discussed.

I hope you enjoy it!

Find all the Radical Reformers episodes here.

Contact Andrew by email, connect on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @Aglaird.


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