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Radical Reformers ep.37: Jules Hillier

Jules Hillier, Chief Executive of Pause

This episode is with Jules Hillier, the Chief Executive of Pause, a national charity which supports women who have had multiple babies removed into care.

If Pause sounds familiar it’s because the very first episode of the podcast back in 2020 was with Sophie Humphreys who was the founder of Pause.

I’m interested in the how organisations successfully transition from entrepreneur/founder to long-term Chief Exec and this is a great case study. It’s a very different set of skills and a very different role as the new Chief Exec sets out to grow the organisation and make it sustainable.

On top of this, Jules and I talk about a wide range of things including the fact that if you keep the focus on quality and continuous improvement then the Return on Investment (so critical for the Finance Directors out there!) will take care of itself.

Pause largely operates via a franchise model and we discuss the right level of freedom and flexibility versus national standards and model fidelity.

Finally, Jules has some great views on how to approach a Chief Exec role – you don’t have to be the best at everything (or even good at everything). This seems obvious but there are far too many “hero leaders” out there who think they have to do it all! and that’s never good for organisations.


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