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Looking forward to future rounds of the Levelling Up Fund

Andrew Laird invites local authorities to get in touch to discuss future bids to the Levelling Up Fund.

The time has passed for starting a bid to Round One of the Government's Levelling Up Fund with submissions due mid-June. But come the autumn – and the announcement of the initial funded projects – there will still be plenty left in the £4.8bn pot.

Local authorities need to start planning for their submissions for Round Two now.

Details of the timetable for future rounds has not yet been published but the government has said that the process will remain the same, focused on the triple pillars of deliverability, value for money and strategic fit.

Those that do bid will be able to take advantage of accumulated knowledge, experience and examples of success from Round One. Mutual Ventures is working with three local authorities on bids focused on town centre investment, regeneration and heritage projects. Funding for later rounds is likely to be more competitive as local authorities have more time to prepare. This means insight into the process will be vital.

In addition, all English local authorities in the highest priority category 1, and all local authorities in Scotland and Wales, will receive £125,000 in ‘capacity funding’ to support them in developing bids. These payments will be made later in 2021/22.

But areas not in the highest priority category should not be disheartened. The government has made it clear that ‘bandings do not represent eligibility criteria’ and other areas are welcomed and will be considered for funding on their merits.

As a reminder, the number of bids that district and unitary authorities can make relates to the number of Members of Parliaments in their area. This means they can submit one bid for every MP whose constituency lies wholly within their boundary. For more information on this, you can view our guidance here.

For local authorities looking at making a bid to following rounds of the Levelling Up, please feel free to get in touch to discuss ideas, for feedback on potential projects, and to learn how we can help you.

To speak to us, contact Andrew Laird on

For further resources on the Levelling Up Fund, visit the section on our website here.

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