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Levelling Up Funding for Wales - sign up for our webinar

We are co-hosting a webinar on Wednesday 22nd September on the Levelling Up Fund for Welsh local authorities, in partnership with the Wales Co-operative Centre. To sign up click here.

With the first round of the Levelling Up Fund now closed, many Local Authorities that took the decision to wait until the second round of applications will now be gearing up to develop their bids for Round 2.

Our learning from supporting a range of councils during the first round of applications clearly demonstrates the benefits of starting the thinking and planning process as early as possible.

Starting early provides authorities with more time to co-design interventions with communities, public sector partners, businesses and voluntary organisations. Doing so helps to strengthen the strategic narrative that underpins the bid, while also helping to secure strong stakeholder support for the proposed interventions. Engaging stakeholders early also increases the ability to demonstrate ‘additionality’; how you intend to maximise the impact of the proposed interventions and secure funding from a range of sources to supplement Levelling Up funding.

While the timing of the second round application process is still to be confirmed, the summer provides authorities with a great opportunity to progress with this important work.

To sign up for the webinar, hosted by the Wales Co-operative Centre click here.


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