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Case Study: nurtureUK

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Client: nurtureuk

Date: June-July 2021

Challenges faced by the client:

nurtureuk is a charity dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people and removing barriers to learning by promoting education. Following the pandemic and a period of significant demand, nurtureuk began to think about revaluating their future strategic direction. This required a review of their vision and mission and a reassessment of their USP. In addition, they needed to identify which services require resources and investment to grow and help meet market demand. It was important to them that their strategy spoke to their history and who they are as an organisation.

Support offered:

Mutual Ventures conducted two streams of analysis, internal and external. The external analysis focused on a STEEPLE (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical) analysis and competitor analysis which looked at fourteen different direct and indirect competitors. This analysis helped contextualise the environment in which nurtureuk was operating and help guide decision making based on demand and existing service provision. The internal analysis included a number of stakeholder engagement events, including group and individual interviews. As a part of this project, Mutual Ventures ran four workshops with various stakeholders including the CEO and staff across the whole organisation. The final workshop presented the five-year vision including suggested areas of internal and external focus. Each of the recommendations were supported by evidence from the STEEPLE analysis, competitor analysis and stakeholder engagement outputs.

Outcome achieved:

The final output outlining the potential five-year strategy is being taken to the board for consideration and will support and guide nurtureuk as they continue to grow as an organisation.


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