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Case study: Camden Clinical Commissioning Group's GP Website

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Client: Camden CCG

Date: April 2019 – October 2019

Challenges faced by the client: Camden CCG developed and hosted a “GP Website” service for its General Practitioners which acts as a multi-purpose digital tool giving access to a range of clinical information (pathways etc.) and practice management tools. The CCG was providing the service to three other CCGs but the governance structure within the CCG, alongside broader cost pressures meant that it was difficult to scale the GP website to other services within the CCG.

Support offered: We developed a detailed business plan to support Camden CCG to assess the viability of establishing the GP website as an independent business. This included:

Market analysis: we supported the GP website team to test the demand for the product in the market. This included developing a survey by which to assess this and support on how to identify the price point which would best support both the financial viability of the GP website as a separate organisation and the adoption of the product to other sites. We provided in depth advice as to how the consolidation of CCGs into ICSs might effect the future viability of the product.

  • Financial modelling: this was accompanied by detailed financial modelling, to understand the potential future financial viability and profitability of the GP website.

  • Stakeholder engagement: we supported the CCG to identify and develop engagement plans with the key stakeholder groups, including the local GP federations.

  • Legal and technical considerations: we supported the CCG to identify the key legal and technical concerns e.g. TUPE, cash flow, legal form and state aid.

Outcome achieved: Our advice helped Camden CCG to identify that they did not want to establish the GP website as a separate organisation. Instead they decided to expand its role to other local CCGs, and retain it in-house as the CCG moved to an Integrated Care System.

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