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Case Study: NHS provider collaboration for primary care and community services in Barnsley

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Client: Barnsley Healthcare Federation & South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Date: August 2021 - Current

Challenges faced by the client:

The partner organisations were seeking to enable increased collaboration between Primary and Community Care services and to empower frontline staff to innovate and develop improved pathways, ensuring achievement of the Barnsley Provider Alliance’s strategic objectives and improved outcomes for the Barnsley population. In June 2021, both Boards approved the development of a legally binding Alliance Agreement, with clear contractual obligations owed by both BHF and SWYPFT.

Support offered:

Mutual Ventures led the establishment of an Implementation Programme, which was initially focused on the development of the Alliance Agreement, including the design and implementation of a shared governance structure, with delegated authority enabling increased collaboration. Mutual Ventures also designed and led an initial workshop, where senior representatives from SWYPFT and BHF discussed the current context and progress to date, as well as revisiting the vision and principles. The main element of the workshop involved attendees discussing and agreeing on short, mid and long-term aspirations for the Alliance.

Governance arrangements were developed, including the establishment of a strategic forum for the Alliance, the Alliance Committee, with approved and finalised Terms of Reference. The Alliance Committee’s purpose includes providing strategic direction to the Barnsley Provider Alliance, ensuring high-quality patient care is delivered for in-scope community services, accountability for the Alliance Agreement, and ensuring that arrangements and practice are in line with the Partnership Principles.

Mutual Ventures is now leading the development of the Business Plan for the Alliance and a supporting Target Operating Model, alongside providing some organisational development support for the Barnsley Provider Alliance Leadership Team.

Outcome achieved:

The Alliance Agreement has now been finalised, including approved procedures for variation, dispute resolution and management of conflicts of interests. The inaugural meeting of the Alliance Committee was held in person on 6th April and the focus has now shifted to the development of the Year One Business Plan.


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