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2023: Best of our blogs

As we look back on the year gone, we thought we would share some of our favourite articles from 2023.

We have chosen five pieces that we think reflect the hot topics from the past 12 months, important trends in public services, and the breadth of our work. The articles cover a spectrum of areas from children’s health inequalities to the power of 'local' in the future of healthcare.

So if you you missed them first time round, here's your chance to read them again. Or you can enjoy re-reading them.

  1. Making an impact on children’s health inequalities requires a new form of place leadership 🔗 Hear why empowering and enabling councils and local communities to work with Integrated Care boards will have a critical impact on children’s services.

  2. ‘Nothing about us, without us’: why services must listen to the voice of young people 🔗 We need to do more to involve children in decisions about how services are designed and delivered.

  3. Beyond levelling up: What the UK can learn from regeneration in East Germany 🔗 Gain insights into the successes and shortcomings of post-reunification investment in East Germany.

  4. The future of healthcare services must be shaped by the identity of places 🔗 Uncover the power of local identity to create stronger relationships and win the support of patients and staff.

  5. Let’s make ‘local’ the default for solving national problems 🔗 Explore why solving big problems must be done by understanding local issues and using local expertise.

You can browse these and more articles from 2023 on our blog.


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