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Catch up on our webinar: Preventing Mental Health Crises Through Better Collaboration

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Catch up on our webinar on Preventing Mental Health Crises Through Better Collaboration held on Monday 4th September.

Watch here

With MPS Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley stating that, due to unprecedented demand, the Met will stop attending mental health calls, the future of responses to mental health on a broader scale is under the spotlight.

In this webinar, we explored how mental health responses can improve by focusing on early intervention. Mutual Ventures' Andrew Laird and Essack Miah, who recently joined Mutual Ventures after spending almost 7 years in the Metropolitan Police, were joined by a panel of experienced NHS and Early Help colleagues:

  • Steve Kay – Assistant Director of Rochdale Early Help and Schools

  • Sara Boorman – Assistant Director Kent & Medway: All Age Eating Disorder Service, Adolescent Hospital (KMAH), Crisis Response and Emergency Response Team (CREST)

  • Ellie Watson – Pathway Lead for HBPOS (Health Based Place Of Safety) KMAH and ChYPMHS CrEST

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