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Catch up on our webinar: The Power of Positive Disruption in Public Services

Catch up on our webinar on the power of positive disruption in public services. This webinar took place on Wednesday 14th December.

Watch here

Positive disruption is important. If the status quo is never challenged, then we would never make any progress. This is particularly important when it comes to thinking about the future of public services, which are facing yet more budget cuts and increasing demand – the much stated “perfect storm”.

But disruption can go horribly wrong. Let’s take a recent example. Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng saw themselves as disrupters. They had a plan, but it didn’t work. Looking back, it’s clear to see that the timing, execution, and content were all wrong.

So what can would-be disruptors learn from this and other examples of successful and unsuccessful disruption?

Mutual Ventures’s Andrew Laird was joined on our latest webinar by two guests:

Donna Hall - Former Chief Executive of Wigan Council

Chris Wright - Former Chief Executive of national charity Catch 22

The session uncovered first-hand insight from those who have already - and continue to - spearhead positive disruption - a behavior that will be so important in the challenging years to come.

To here more about the issues discussed in this webinar, contact


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