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Radical Reformers ep.42: Jessica Studdert

Jessica Studdert, Deputy Chief Executive New Local

This episode is with Jessica Studdert, the Deputy Chief Executive of New Local, in my view the preeminent local government think tank.

I’ve really been looking forward to this one.

We cover a huge range of issues including: the relationship between central and local government and how that changed over Covid and what’s happening right now – was that a catalyst moment or is it back to business as usual?

We discuss what local growth means and how important it is not just to devolve key areas such as skills to local areas but to also to ensure the right package of powers are devolved so things can be joined up. Health and care is a big issue at the moment and Jessica and I get into some detail on where responsibility for health in its broadest sense should sit – spoiler it’s not with hospitals.

Jessica has very interesting and valid views on local government structures and how these must be secondary to culture and behaviours.

Finally, we talk about the benefits of what Jessica calls a “zig zag” career – I’m a big believer in the value of getting experience in different arenas and Jessica has certainly done that.


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