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Radical Reformers ep.17: Andrew Burnell, Chief Executive, City Health Care Partnership

This episode is with Andrew Burnell, the Group Chief Executive of City Health Care Partnership (CHCP). CHCP delivers community care, care home, pharmacy and primary care services in Hull East Riding and the North West of England.

I loved this interview. Andrew is a very authentic and natural leader. The picture here is of him in a suit - but you are equally likely to find him in nursing uniform on the front line working alongside staff as he has been recently delivering Covid vaccinations (and as he was on the day we spoke!).

Culture is hugely important at CHCP and we talk about the importance of trusting your team to do a good job and make good decisions and also the importance of being honest and straight with people no matter how difficult the conversation. This is a discipline we both feel has been lost somewhere along the line as people often avoid the tough conversations only to store up more difficult problems for later.

Andrew’s organisation is at the heart of the new Integrated Care System and we discus what that means, how the different organisations are working together and how the history of partnership in the area has given them a solid foundation.

Finally, Andrew was the founding Chief Executive of CHCP and we talk about the importance of succession planning and how important it is for an organisation to endure and thrive beyond the tenure of a well-established and charismatic leader.


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