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Radical Reformers ep.12: Scott Darraugh, Chief Executive, Social Adventures

This episode is with Scott Darraugh, Chief Executive of Social AdVentures, a Salford based staff and community owned social enterprise delivering public health services.

I always leave a meeting with Scott with a list of exciting ideas and this conversation is no different. He really is one of life’s truly inspirational people.

Scott was one of the pioneers of the “public service mutual” movement which has seen a wide range of public services move from within the public sector to independent social enterprise/mutual models.

We talk about how this model benefits staff, service users and the wider local economy (the community own 50% of Social AdVentures). We also discuss the 10 year journey of Social AdVentures and how it has expanded and diversified and become an integral part of the public service landscape.

Scott is a big believer in public service teams having the freedom to innovate, make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes. We talk about safe and practical ways to implement this type of culture.


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