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Webinar catch-up: Developing Your Recruitment Support Hub Website

Catch up on our webinar - Developing Your Recruitment Support Hub Website - held on Tuesday 30th January 2024.

Watch here

The first introduction a prospective foster carer has to your recruitment support hub might be via your website. 

Developing a website that is both clear and rich in information is key to sparking their interest and, ultimately, increasing the likelihood of them taking the crucial first step of making initial contact. 

How can you make your website a straightforward and informative resource, facilitating a smooth introduction for prospective foster carers?

In this webinar, we shared practical insights on developing an effective website and explore fostering service examples. We spoke about what an effective website needs to provide for prospective foster carers, how to ensure it is accessible and how you can test your website before its launch.

If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this webinar, contact

To find out more about the Fostering Recruitment & Retention Programme and access our learning resources, click here.


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