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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Health and integrated care

The future of the NHS relies on joined-up care, with providers and commissioners working together hand-in-hand at a ‘place’ and system level.

Transforming services requires new ways of doing things and a stronger relationship between partners.

We can support you to respond to the unique challenges of integration in your area. We bring knowledge and experience of working across primary care, community services, acute care, the voluntary sector and local government.


Delivery models

What is the ‘best fit’ options for integration and provider collaboration in your area?

Pathway redesign

How can service providers come together to deliver across pathways and provide greater economies of scale, while at the same time retaining a clear focus on outcomes?

Implementation support

What is the roadmap for moving to your vision for integrated care, and how do you become ‘integration-ready’?

We work with our partners Bevan Brittan LLP to provide legal support where required.

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To find out more about how we could help you get in touch with MV Assistant Director John Copps.


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