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Radical Reformers ep.70: System Leadership for healthy children and families with Sam Allen

Updated: Apr 4

This episode is with Sam Allen the Chief Executive of the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System. This system covers a huge geography with 3.6m people living in both urban and rural settings within 14 different council areas. As you can imagine getting this up and running was a real challenge and Sam explains how she has led that work and how she has engaged with partners across the region.

This #RadicalReformers episode is part of the March "Children's Health" theme of our #PrioritisingPublicServices campaign.

Sam understands really effective public services needs to be centred around the person and she has a very clear understanding of her role as a system leader focusing on the strategic things which are best done at scale while empowering places and neighbourhoods to do the really important locally focused work.


A big segment of our conversation is on children’s health. We discuss how no one part of the system (NHS, councils, third sector) can hope to improve outcomes acting on their own. Genuine collaboration must be enabled from the system level all the way down to places and neighbourhoods.


We also talk about women’s health and the importance of raising awareness and understanding particularly in the workplace.

It’s a fantastic conversation and I hope you enjoy it.


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