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Catch up: Fostering Recruitment on a Regional Footprint - Lessons from Regional Adoption Agencies

Catch up on our webinar - Fostering Recruitment on a Regional Footprint: Lessons from Regional Adoption Agencies - held on Wednesday 22nd November.

Watch here

With the trend towards regionalisation in children’s services, this webinar aimed to connect the dots between new regional Fostering Recruitment Hubs and the experience of establishing and running Regional Adoption Agencies. We explored the strategies, successes, and challenges of regionalisation in the adoption context, and how these lessons can be applied by local authority clusters participating in the DfE’s Fostering Recruitment & Retention Programme.

John Copps was joined by leaders from the sector who discussed their own experience of establishing RAAs, offering real-world examples of what has been successful and the pitfalls to avoid. Our panellists were:

  • Sarah Johal – National Adoption Strategic Lead

  • Mark Owers – Independent expert on children’s services and national reform.

  • Shelagh Mitchell - Group Manager, Adoption East Midlands

If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this webinar, contact To find out more about the Fostering Recruitment & Retention Programme and access our learning resources, click here.


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