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Introducing MV’s Good Practice Guide – Innovative Solutions Improving Family Court Processes across England

Updated: 1 day ago

In 2024-25, MV are producing a quarterly guide featuring initiatives across England that aim to reduce delay and improve processes in family courts across England.

As the delivery partner for the Department for Education’s DFJ Trailblazers: Reducing Time to Family Court Pilot Programme, Mutual Ventures have been supporting five DFJ areas to develop and implement solutions aimed at reducing delay in family court.

As part of our ongoing learning programme, we have gathered information on initiatives taking place across England that tackle the drivers of delay in family court and improve the experience of families and children in the system.

The document features both innovative ideas and important considerations to execute standard practices effectively.

This guide will be updated on a quarterly basis over 2024-25, culminating in a final combined version.

Thank you to all the initiatives featured in the guide for sharing additional information about their activities.

We hope the guide provides valuable insights for professionals dedicated to improving the care proceedings experience for all parties involved.

If you’re aware of any initiatives taking place in your area or elsewhere that you think would make good case studies for the next version of this guide please contact

Download the guide now

Good Practice Guide (V1 - March 2024)
Download PDF • 188KB
Good Practice Guide Q2
Download PDF • 211KB

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