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Catch up our webinar: Meeting the productivity challenge through Radical Place Leadership

Catch up on our webinar - Meeting the productivity challenge through Radical Place Leadership - which took place on Tuesday 28th May 2024.

Watch here

The Government has called upon councils to set out how they will improve “productivity”. However, there is a growing risk that this may lead to further reductions in capacity, ultimately impacting the quality of services provided to communities and citizens.

Recognising the challenges local authorities face in balancing cost pressures with increasing demand, there is a growing view that the way forward is through more collaborative leadership and delivery at a local level. Despite many places having ambitious plans for better collaboration, across the country organisations and services are still largely operating in silos, which are not centred around a person's needs.

We believe the only response to this is through a new Radical Place Leadership approach.

This webinar delves into how these innovative approaches could positively impact the design and delivery of services, and reduce wasteful spending within your organisations and systems.

MV's Chief Executive Andrew Laird was joined by two leading thinkers and influencers in the local government space:

  • Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive of CIPFA

  • Prof. Donna Hall, Mutual Ventures Non-Exec and former Chief Executive of Wigan Council

To listen to Mark's Radical Reformers podcast episode, click here. Catch up on Donna's Radical Reformers podcast here. 

If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this webinar, contact 


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