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Radical Reformers ep.19: Donna Hall, Former Chief Executive, Wigan

This conversation is with Donna Hall.

I was very excited about this one and it certainly does not disappoint! When I launched the podcast last year, I had people like Donna in mind and I am delighted that she agreed to do it.

Donna is best known from her time as Chief Executive of Wigan Council where she led the implementation of the Wigan Deal, which is a new way of thinking about local public services and building genuine partnerships with local people.

Among other things, Donna is now the Chair of Bolton NHS FT and she talks about how Bolton as a community responded to the Covid-19 Delta variant surge. There are some fascinating insights on how they pulled every lever available - not just the ones controlled by the public sector – in order to get the virus under control.

We also discuss how the end of covid-19 as a pandemic does not spell the end of pressure for the NHS, with a back log of operations to get through and also people coming forward with conditions that they have not reported over the past year.

Finally, we talk all things devolution, local government reorganisation and the relationship between central and local government.

Enjoy it!


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