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Jordan Binedell: I’ve learnt that… transformation is how you work with and win people round

Jordan’s reflection:

I’ve learnt that transformation is not a technical exercise – it’s the engagement of the hearts and minds of all the people impacted.

As change often elicits an emotional response, so the communication of a transformation programme must, at some level, resonate emotionally.

For transformation to be truly successful, it can’t be approached as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Different groups or segments within an organisation, and their specific needs, beliefs and styles, must be considered prior to the start of any transformation project. For example, COVID-19 has driven many people into a steep digital transformation just to be able to connect with their colleagues and clients. One day they met in a physical conference room, the next they were expected to operate online across a number of digital platforms, such as Teams and Zoom. For some, the transition was quick and comfortable – but for others, it was scary and difficult.

A thoughtful, tailored approach to this enforced digital transformation would have greatly reduced the stress and pushback of many employees. From practical elements, such as training for those who needed it, and encouraging people to jump on a call a few minutes early to iron out any issues they might have, to emotional support from leadership when team members are struggling to grasp the technicalities, or welcoming them when late to a call rather than calling them out on it.

There is often a misapprehension that the ultimate delivery of the transformation project is the primary goal when, in fact, it’s actually the journey of reaching the goal that determines the success of its outcome/delivery.

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