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Andrew Laird: I’ve learnt that… we must invest in our public services

Andrew's reflection

I’ve been reflecting on why I’m so interested in public services – and why I care so much about public services.

Every country needs economic growth – no doubt about that – and a good chunk of government time should rightly be focused on supporting innovation, and creating the national infrastructure and conditions needed for that.

But I’ve also learnt that for a modern, well-functioning democracy, that’s only one side of the coin.

I strongly believe that if we only rely on economic development, those who already have assets, wealth and opportunity will only get more, while those who don’t will never get the opportunities they need to prosper.

Great public services are the other side of the coin. And supporting the development of public services, especially in parts of the country that are struggling to share in economic growth, is critical.

That’s why as a team we are so passionate about the Levelling Up agenda. And we’re equally passionate about making sure it’s not just about the physical infrastructure elements that support economic growth, such as roads or railway stations. It also needs to be about great social care services, developing community hubs and modern libraries – things that focus on giving absolutely everyone a chance to benefit from that growth.

To learn more about our work supporting Levelling Up contact Andrew

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