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Catch-up on our webinar: Creating the conditions for long term investment in places

Catch up on our webinar - Creating the conditions for long term investment in places - held on Monday 11th December 2023.

Watch here

A central question facing leaders is how to increase the competitiveness of their town or city. Many of the challenges we face are systemic and generational, with short term solutions unlikely to address the underlying causes of low growth, inequality and overstretched public services.

Instead, a long-term plan to attract and accelerate investment is required, developed in partnership by communities, businesses and public services. How to leverage various sources of public funding (e.g. Towns Fund, UKSPF and the Levelling Up Fund) to attract investment and create the conditions for sustained growth is an important early consideration.

This webinar was be chaired by MV's Andrew Laird with expert input from:

  • Neil Guthrie, Development Director, Sunderland City Council

  • David Tuck and Maja Nesdale from Arcadis

  • Mark Bandalli from Mutual Ventures.

During the webinar, we explored:

  1. What does a competitive town/city look like?

  2. What are the key considerations when developing a long-term approach to growth?

  3. How do towns and cities ensure that growth contributes to addressing the systemic challenges impacting communities, businesses and public services?

  4. What roles do public services have to play in place leadership?

If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this webinar, contact


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