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Catch up on our learning event: Utilising Data to Tackle Care Proceedings Delays

Updated: Apr 24

Catch up on our learning event on Utilising Data to Tackle Care Proceedings Delays held on Wednesday 14th June.

This learning event is the second in a series of four learning events organised as part of the project investigating the impact of delays in care proceedings on children’s services commissioned by the Department for Education. Click here to find out more about the project.

Watch here

Download the presentation from the session

Download PDF • 3.58MB

Data is the oil that makes the cogs turn in the system. Tackling court delays is only achievable if the journey through the system and the outcomes of decision-making throughout the process are measured rigorously and systematically, and the resulting data is shared system-wide to enable a single agreed 'version of the truth'. But how can local authorities and partners utilise data effectively? What are the practical actions for achieving effective operational control? In this learning event, we explored the role of data in improving the quality of care proceedings. Mutual Ventures' Agata Miskowiec presented findings from the analysis of the financial impact of delays and discussed the cost of delays to children’s services, as well as how this information can be used by local authorities in practice. Agata was also joined by colleagues from:

  • Worcestershire, the local area with the shortest average duration of care proceedings nationally, on how tracking cases supports good practice.

  • Walsall Council on effective use of court and permanency trackers, including how they feeds into practice at the local and system level.

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