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Free webinar in collaboration with The Fostering Network: The Development and Progress of Regional Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs

Sign up for our webinar - The Development and Progress of Regional Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs - on Wednesday 22nd May in association with The Fostering Network.

The Department for Education's Fostering Recruitment & Retention Programme provides funding to local authorities to work in self-identifying, geographically linked ‘clusters’ to redesign the experience for prospective foster carers, improving the recruitment journey from initial enquiry through to application. The programme aims to deliver end-to-end improvements across foster care, by encouraging more people to consider foster caring, boosting approvals of foster carers in areas of specific shortage, as well as addressing retention through funding of the evidence-based Mockingbird model.

Nine self-selected “clusters” of local authorities successfully bid to deliver the programme from October 2023 to March 2025, alongside Foster with North East, the pathfinder for the project.

This webinar, aimed at the wider children's social care sector, will look at the objectives of the programme and provide an update on the development of the ten recruitment support hubs. We will also hear from those involved in developing and running recruitment support hubs. Finally, there will be an update regarding the involvement and progress of mockingbird. 

This webinar is hosted by The Fostering Network. You will receive joining instructions at the time of booking, a reminder will also be sent in advance of the webinar. For more information contact: 

If you would like to discuss the project, please get in touch with


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