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Catch up on our SFPC webinar on Building Team Culture and Practice

Updated: Jan 26

Catch up our webinar, Building Team Culture and Practice in children's services, held as part of the Department for Education's Strengthening Families Protecting Children (SFPC) Programme.

Strengthening Families, Protecting Children (SFPC) is a five-year programme supporting local authorities to improve their work with families and safely reduce the number of children entering care. It is about spreading three proven innovative approaches: Leeds City Council’s Family Valued, Hertfordshire’s Family Safeguarding & North Yorkshire’s No Wrong Door. They are different but all have a strong focus on relationships, families’ strengths and bringing skills across services together to improve outcomes for children.

The purpose of the webinar is showcase learning from innovators and adopters on the SFPC Programme, and to focus on how their work supports the development of new cultures and practice in children's social care. The webinar was held on Tuesday 5th December 2023.

Watch here

The webinar is chaired by MV's John Copps and we hear from three panellists:

  • Calvin Smith, Service Manager, Children’s Safeguarding and Support, Warwickshire County Council

  • Kristian Glenny, Clinical Psychologist/Life Coach, Rochdale Borough Council

  • Rasheed Pendry, Deputy Director for children’s services, Wandsworth Borough Council

For more of MV's work on children's services click here.


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