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Catch up on our webinar: Relational Project Management - putting people at the centre of projects

Catch up on our webinar on 'Relational Project Management'. This webinar was held on Tuesday 1st November 2022.

MV’s Relational Project Management approach is a way of managing projects that puts people at the centre. Key to practising it is a simple question: is the nature and quality of my relationships helpful to achieving the goals of the project? And if not, what can I do about it?

In this webinar, John Copps, Andrew Laird, and Laura Power Wharton will describe the key features of Relational Project Management and discuss how this applies in local government. This will include tried-and-tested tools, as well as good (and bad) examples from their experiences.

Watch here

For more resources on Relational Project Management click here.

More about this webinar

Delivering projects in government, with all the complexities of politics and relationships, is not easy. Faced with pressure to deliver on time and to budget, ‘process’ often takes over at the expense of ‘people’.

Over the last decade, Mutual Ventures has undertaken dozens of projects across central and local government working in children and adult services, place and economy, and health. In all these cases, we’ve found that it is relationships that make or break their success.

Key areas the webinar covers include:

  • Establishing effective project relationships

  • Understanding your team and creating a positive and supportive atmosphere

  • Shared accountability and respecting colleagues at all levels

  • Prioritising person-to-person interaction, using clear messages, and having ‘one version of the truth’

  • Understanding the emotional response to change and having a strategy to manage it

  • Having difficult conversations and dealing with people honestly and respectfully

The webinar is designed to help you think through your approach to projects and achieve better outcomes.

You can read more about our Relational Project Management approach here.


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