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Recovering together with communities: ideas to help local authorities plan the COVID-19 recovery

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

COVID-19 will be a pivotal event for this generation. Public services have an opportunity to reshape themselves around people and communities like never before.

As the peak of the crisis passes, now is the time to think about what comes next and what could look different. The response to the pandemic has shown how much public services, businesses and local people can achieve together.

Our new thinkpiece – Recovering together with communities – presents a series of ideas to help local authorities develop a recovery plan for creating a plan for people and places to come back stronger.

The ideas are divided into five ‘building blocks’ that we think should be part of every COVID-19 recovery strategy, and which represent the levels of engagement required to bring all local people and partners together.

These ideas are intended to be a starting point for a plan and will require development and refinement to reflect the needs of stakeholders and the local economy. It is intended to contribute to a discussion around how public services change after the COVID-19 crisis.

Download a copy of the report.

Download PDF • 1.45MB


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