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Radical Reformers ep.8: Monique Carayol, Strategy Director, Hounslow and Richmond Community Care

Monique Carayol is the Director of Strategy and Transformation at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare, an NHS Trust providing the care which sits between your GP and hospital (such as community nursing).

At the time of recording we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis - so key discussion topics include testing and vaccine roll out. As you can imagine, the past 10 months have been incredibly difficult for the Hounslow and Richmond team - so we talk about how it has impacted staff and the type of leadership which has been needed. Monique describes how remaining calm as a leader in a crisis like this is critical. There is so much noise and distraction that it would be very easy to become overwhelmed.

Dealing with uncertainty as a public service leader has always been challenging. Monique describes how accepting a level of uncertainty and being honest with staff about that has been key to building and maintaining trust. It’s ok not to know the exact answer to everything!

Finally, we discuss the future of the NHS and particularly collaborative neighbourhood based models, building on the rapid progress which has been achieved during the pandemic.


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