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Radical Reformers ep.52: Authentic Leadership with Brigid Russell

Brigid Russell, public service leadership coach

This episode is all about leadership. It’s a conversation with Brigid Russel, one of the most humbly inspiring people I have had as a guest on the podcast.

Brigid is a public service leadership coach so this conversation is a little bit different from the usual #Radicalreformers podcasts but it is highly relevant to those leaders and aspiring leaders who want to discover their most “authentic” selves.

This conversation is essentially a welcome takedown of the concept of “hero leadership” where you have to pretend to know the answers to everything and can’t let your authority be challenged.

Brigid and I talk about relational leadership and how important trust is between leaders in public services and within teams. We are all humans trying to do our best and no amount of project plans and processes can eclipse the power of a trusting human connection.

We talk about system leadership and how in the increasingly complex environment within which public services operate, no one leader can possibly know everything or control all the levers needed to achieve a good outcome.

Finally, Brigid discusses in some detail how much of yourself and your personal life should you bring to work… not an easy one for many people and unsurprisingly there is no one size fits all answer.


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