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Radical Reformers ep.45: Youth Services with Kev Henman

Kev Henman, Chief Executive, Space

This episode is with Kev Henman, the Chief Executive of the youth work charity Space. Based in Devon, Space supports young people to learn, create and realise their potential. It’s to this podcast’s detriment that we haven’t had a youth service leader as a guest before - and I am delighted to correct that omission with such an inspiring, authentic leader.

Kev has real lived experience which he brings to bear in this role. We discuss the formation of Space six years ago when it moved from the council to independence and we talk about how the service has grown both in terms of what it does to support young people and where it operates.

We talk about the pressure young people are under today and the important role youth centres can play in providing a safe welcoming place for those who might otherwise lose their way.

Kev is a values driven person and he describes the importance of listening to what young people have to say, especially about things which affect them, and of not letting “risk aversion” stop you giving people who could do good a second chance.


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