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Radical Reformers ep.34: Chris Wright, Chief Executive, Catch 22

This episode is with Chris Wright, the outgoing Chief Executive of Catch 22. Chris is a maverick thinker (and doer) who is determined to make public services work better and achieve better outcomes for vulnerable people.

Catch 22 is a national charity which delivers support to young people and families in the realms of justice, education, apprenticeships and elements of social care – so as you can imagine, it’s a very wide-ranging discussion.

The system is not always designed to encourage (or even tolerate) radical new ideas and Chris shares his thoughts on how that can be changed, including a need to challenge the “bureaucratic mindset” and create space for radical thinking and a tolerance for failure. We also talk about how organisations should not be “seduced by revenue”. There are healthier things to focus on!

I also continue my quest to find answers on how radical innovation in public services can be funded – and as you can imagine Chris has his own ideas on that.

I loved this episode and I hope you do too.


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