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On-demand webinar: Radical Place Leadership - Exploring the "Liberated Method"

Catch up on our webinar - Radical Place Leadership: Exploring the "Liberated Method" which was held on Tuesday 8th November 2023.

Watch here

People want support, relationships and practical help. They want to be understood. Our current, siloed system doesn’t work for those in need. That’s why Gateshead Council and Changing Futures Northumbria have adopted a radical new approach – the “Liberated Method” – and it starts with people. When you begin with people and work outwards, support doesn’t look like ‘services’ anymore. It looks like agency, community, relationships and understanding. And it works. But how do we implement it?

Integrated Care Boards have now produced their five-year ‘joint forward plans’, which set out very ambitious priorities for improving health and wellbeing. Making sustainable progress will require a new and radical form of place leadership, and a wholly person-centred approach. In this webinar, Mutual Ventures' Andrew Laird discussed radical place leadership and the Liberated Method with:

  • Mark Smith, Director of Public Service Reform, Gateshead Council and author of Changing Futures Northumbria’s “Liberated Method” approach.

  • Prof. Donna Hall, Former Chief Executive of Wigan Council and Mutual Ventures Non-Exec Director

To listen to Mark's Radical Reformers podcast episode, click here. Catch up on Donna's Radical Reformers podcast here.

If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this webinar, contact


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